Our Vendors

We put our customers first. Our team of smart, friendly plumbers is fully committed to keeping your home or business’s plumbing system in tip-top shape, regardless of how large our job. If you need any plumbing work done, we have a list of vendors that we trust, who send their estimates and perform the work when needed. We have following vendors that we trust:

American Standard

American Standard truly is the standard in toilets. Absolutely the best manufacturer of toilets that are supremely functional, easy to service and very affordable. We recommend American Standard toilets to all of our customers, specifically the Cadet 3 and the Champion 4.


Provider of high-end superior quality toilets from wall mounted 21-inch high toilet to modern floor toilets. Toto is the answer for the stylistically particular customer.


A sister company of Hansgrohe. Grohe provides the best faucets and shower body systems. Extremely superior to any other brands period. There is a higher cost associated with these products, but the quality more than makes up for the price tag.


When Gerber makes parts, we can be sure that they’re top quality. The craft plumbing supply items like tubular fitting for under the sink at a greater thickness than their competitors. They also make the absolute best tub trip lever in the industry. A small but important feature of everyone’s home across the world, the tub trip lever, made by Gerber engineered, to provide long-lasting usage with minimal issues. We work exclusively with Gerber trip levers because they are the highest quality and when you know the best, you stay with the best.


Creator of the “Delta Ball,” a simple but extremely service friendly company with quality for a low price. We recommend delta shower body and faucets to all our customers, 80% of their faucets can be repaired with minimal and inexpensive parts, and their shower body cartridges go in and out usually just as easy. Delta also provides lifetime warranties on their products and, when necessary, will ship parts overnight to your home at no cost to you. A truly amazing company with an amazing product with amazing warranty service. Delta is our favorite!!


Kohler is one of the biggest names in the business, and in our opinion one of the most overrated. Parts to repair their toilets are extremely expensive and they are not service friendly products. Their shower bodies are relatively simple to repair, but consistently break. Kohler has a great customer service department. While we don’t recommend their products, we are more than capable of repairing and installing them if needed.


A sister company of Grohe. Hansgrohe provides top quality faucets and shower body systems. Extremely superior to any other brands period. But, as with Grohe, the price tag grows with quality.


Blackman always has quality parts in stock and they are a local company. They make plumbers’ jobs easy across Long Island. When in doubt, we go to Blackman. They have a huge inventory and if what you’re looking for isn’t in stock they are happy to order it for you.


Moen is possibly the biggest name in the business. They provide faucets and shower bodies. Standardized parts make their products easy to service and they have incredible customer support and warranty programs.

Hydronic Supply

Our local supply shop, with superior customer service in a place where you are treated like a part of the family. We generally purchase common plumbing items from them including pipes and fittings, glue, gloves, etc. Hydronic Supply is our go-to provider for all our supplies.

Wolverine Brass

Another company providing specialized plumbing products with superior quality in everything they sell. Once again if I see a Wolverine Brass product next to another manufacture the choice is easy and almost always Wolverine Brass.

Monster Plumbing

Installation products made by plumbers for plumbers with a mantra of “making the job better,” by providing plumbers with everyday use items. These items have small but significant changes to each product that make all the difference in a plumbing job.

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